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I like the way you think, Coke.

Sounds like a plan! hahaha



I like the way you think, Coke.

Sounds like a plan! hahaha

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This is actually brilliant


This is actually brilliant

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agentcarolinainthemorning asked: Can you do a little quick "how to" or "tricks to" anatomy and expressions?


Before I start, here are the three great tutorials that helped me understand expressions

And here’s one for anatomy. (That whole series is actually worth a read just sayin’)


When drawing expressions, something you need to know is that the whole face is connected. There’s an intricate detail of muscles that connect the face. When the mouth is open, the jaw is pulled down and the cheeks as well. When you smile genuinely your cheeks pull up and your eyes crease.

When the brows pull together in an expression of anger or displeasure the cheeks pull inward and wrinkles are created by the nose.

Don’t be afraid to push the boundries a bit with your expressions but remember, mouth goes up, eyes go up cheeks squish- everything’s attached.

As for anatomy men and women have some generally different bone structures that set them apart. Not to say everyone is shaped the same way but in general this is what the shapes are

Women, I’m sure you’ve heard about the hourglass, yeah. They’re made of soft curves and tend to slope and roll through shapes. Rounded corners and smooth plains tend to be associated to women.

Men are fucking upside down doritos crammed in a short tube stacked on a box.

They have wider shoulders and thicker necks then women. Smaller hips then women but are also made of sharper corners and tend to come to sudden stops. Ya know how guys can often be described as chiseled? That’s because they’re like, chiseley. Men’s shoulder blades also tend to be just slightly more spaced out then womens making their upper backs wider then their lower backs yo.

Hopefully this is slightly helpful. I could do a how to draw video or like a stream or something if you guys want me to go into more details. It’s a lot easier to describe shit by word of mouth anyhow. 

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who let this guy run a school

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i think we all know what the best part about that was


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i really like looking at google image searches for “firemen rescuing cats” or something because you get super cute pictures like







"THAT’S RIGHT TWAS I that set the house ablaze!!!”

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//So, I saw someone out there point out how Child!Blake can be seen wearing a shawl on her left arm:


And how, as a teen, her combat uniform also covers that part of her right arm (it even has a sash to keep that part of the sleeve in place):


The person in question suggested that maybe, when Blake was a child, faunus were forced to have some sort of identification label tattooed. 

Then, some time around I saw a fanart of Pyrrha with fox ears and I remembered this:


And that she wears her hair accessories even in uniform:


or at the “Ball”:


And, well, who else wears her hair accessories all the time and they happened to be covering a secret?

image image

And now, just for the sake of it, more people wearing sashes on that part of their right arms:




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Someone needs to talk about Grif with me.

And how his mother ran away and how another parent is never mentioned and how Grif supported himself and his little sister for who knows how long.

And how Grif is uber protective of his sister not just because of some big brother thing but because she’s either barely a legal adult or a minor and she has sex with people significantly older than her.

Can we talk about how Grif got drafted while he had a dependent in high school and how he tried his absolute hardest to get kicked out so he could go home

Can we talk about his inability to hold grudges against people and how Tucker ran him over with a tank but he never brought it up again. Or how at his core he trusts his teammates to have his back even with how many times hes been shot and threatened and generally smacked around.

How about the fact that he became a sergeant over Simmons despite his professed apathy. How about the fact that his friendship with Simmons is so strong and important and well-worn and that they are so attached at the hip that they were going to be executed together despite the fact that Grif was the only one that did anything wrong.

Can we talk about the fact that Grif has survived some of the most devastating and ridiculous injuries in the show and that he has apparently survived solely because of luck and his own hearty constitution

Talk to me about how he went over the edge at the end of season 8 and purposefully made his scream get fainter and taper off like he was actually falling when he was dangling a few feet below the edge. He’s such an asshole

And can we talk about how he jumped on the meta’s back (a fucking huge growly former-freelancer) and stole his huge ass gun knife off his back? Or how he ran down Wash through a wall?

How about how he can pilot pretty much anything an is good enough at it that the others immediately and silently decide hes the most obvious option to fly a stolen Pelican to the battle

How about how he probably still has the speed unit installed. I wanna see where that goes.

And how he’s so unaggressive and lazy that Omega can’t budge him into any kind of aggression besides an aggressive nap

Tell me about his new squad and the fact that hes training them for extraction and stealth and being clever

Please, please talk to me about Minor Junior Private Dexter Grif, Negative First Class

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aesop’s fables are so funny because mostly they have a very clear moral outlined in the last sentence but sometimes they’re like this one where the moral is just ‘woah what the fuck? what the Fuck? get the fuck out of my house’

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Michael Jones “Fucks” the American Anthem 

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cranberrygeese I found your new jam


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*ride operator voice* please keep your lols omgs and your “I tried to scroll past this”s inside the tags at all times ladies and gents